Cairde Loch Coiribe

Support our lake by supporting Cairde Loch Coiribe, developing and protecting the lake and the surrounding waterways.


Cairde Loch Coiribe was set up ten years ago as a mechanism within the Louch Corrib Trout Angling Federation on behalf of all the affiliated clubs, it’s main objective is to collect a voluntary contribution from all Anglers fishing for wild Trout on Lough Corrib so as to enhance the long term sustainability of the fishery.


Cairde Loch Coiribe is committed to the maintenance and Development of the spawning and nursery areas of the Corrib Catchment and working with the local communities and Businesses within the Catchment area.


We would ask all Anglers local and visiting to support Cairde Loch Coiribe and by giving a contribution of just 15 euro to a Local club or Cairde member, you are helping to sustain Lough Corrib as a healthy natural fishery and helping to preserve the wild Habitat of one of the best wild brown trout lakes in Europe if not the world!!

Please become a friend of Lough Corrib by joining Cairde Loch Coiribe. All funds are managed by the Anglers . All works and projects are transparent and accounts are reviewed at the Lough Corrib Trout Angling Federation A.G.M. Here is a list of stakeholders that also work with Cairde Loch Coiribe.


The office of public works, National parks and wildlife service, The Clydagh Foundation, Local Landowners. I.F.I. Local communities.